This is the organizing page for the Tuesday night hill climbing rides, starting 14 May 2019. These depart: 18:30 River Market, 18:40 park at McBride/Columbia, 18:55 Costco carpark Government St. – although sometimes this will depend on the route. All ride details will be organized on Slack.

Routes often include Burnaby Mtn and variations such as ‘Deliverance’, Buckingham or Holmes for the return climb. These are ‘no drop’ rides but expect some spirited climbing on the main climbs and regrouping at the top.

Some previous routes from 2018 for the archive…

May 29: The route is here. Back door to Burnaby Mtn up 13th and down Buckingham then through Kensington. Then the climbs as detailed. River Market start 18:30.

May 22: The route is here. Basic route of Burnaby Mtn with Buckingham return. Extra laps at the top of the mountain for fast finishers?

May 8: The Royal Rumble route is here. A shorter ride with some short/steep climbs to keep it from being too easy. Please note the Moscrop/Deer Lake Pkwy and Oakland stretches that require a little caution due to traffic volumes. There might be a bonus 4th Street climb after Queens Park for the fanatics.

May 1: The basic route is here (which has some variations up the top of Burnaby Mtn as time allows). Holmes can be added on the end instead of returning through Hume Park.