The 2021 season is underway…

All ride details are now being posted exclusively on Slack, which we use for managing our rides. All club members should make sure they’re on Slack as only particular rides are shown in the calendar below and not always on Twitter anymore. All Covid-19 related procedures from Cycling BC can be seen here.

We are a road cycling (‘roadie’) club, and FRF rides emphasize fun and camaraderie, as well as building group riding skills. We usually have a regular Sunday ride through the season, as well as ad hoc rides organized through Slack (often featuring gravel excursions). Tuesday night climbing rides are also part of the calendar.

We welcome new riders; if you’re not sure that we’re the club for you, come on out and see what we’re about (you will need to sign a waiver, a standard practice for club rides, and drop us a line to let us know you’re going to be joining us). A Cycling BC licence is required for club members. We have some etiquette guidelines that will be useful.

Our regular Sunday rides are typically 70-90 kms at 25 kph average speed. There is always a refreshment stop. They are ‘no drop’ rides with a variety of routes in all directions from New West. The tempo and distance might vary and typically depends on the numbers on the day, and there might be a breakaway group that does a longer loop.

Regular Sunday rides start from River Market in New West at 08:30 (sometimes earlier in the summer, such as 08:00 or 07:30). Saturday rides may sometimes take place as an alternative. See below for the Italian Rules for the weather.

What are we doing for 2021?

It’s going to be a shortened season for sure. We’re doing the best we can to resurrect some of the fun and challenging rides we’ve had in previous years, and finding our way back to group activities. But, yes – there will be riding…

What happened to the 2020 season?

We had some big plans for 2020. Yes indeed we did. But the situation with the global pandemic and the unprecedented public health measures meant that the FRF – like everyone – put its plans on hold.

What did we do in 2019?

The schedule for 2019 included the following:

  • Fortnightly no-drop Club Rides covering a variety of routes. These rides will be suitable for all club members and will build towards the the Fon-do-do-do in August (a new event that is replacing the annual Fondont).
  • For weeks in between there will be ad hoc rides organized, some of which may be more challenging and also include gravel options.
  • Local events that are popular with club members for which there is likely to be co-ordinated attendance.
  • Tuesday night climbing rides starting in May and running for the summer that hit the local hills.



Italian rules for the weather

1. If the sky is blue, the ride is on.

2. If the roads are wet, the ride is off (unless rule no.1 applies).

3. If it rains on the way out, we head for a cafe.

4. If it rains (or snows, which has happened) on the way back, we get on the team bus.

5. If there’s no team bus, we toughen up and ride like Belgians (Flandrien rules).