2021 update

Cycling BC has released its ‘return to play’ guidelines for re-starting club rides under the current situation. You can access the full guidelines here.

We’ll have the following procedures in place to be consistent with these guidelines:

  1. Group sizes limited to 10. If there’s more than 10 riders we’ll try to have two groups.
  2. Physical distancing of 3 metres whenever possible, so no regular drafting.
  3. Limits on cafe stops and after ride activities.
  4. All rides will be organized on Slack and you must confirm in advance if you want to join a particular ride. This is for the sake organizing ride groups and also for tracking attendance. Please, don’t just turn up.
  5. Everyone should be familiar with the general guidelines as well as complete the Cycling BC declaration linked to above once everything is understood.
  6. If you are feeling sick, do not join a ride. The chances of any of us getting or transmitting Covid is low but certainly not impossible. And no one will appreciate you turning up to a ride if you’re unwell.

It has been a tough year for everyone. We expect restrictions and rules to change over time this year, but we will need to be patient. We will follow all Cycling BC guidelines for our own safety and also to be doing ‘the right thing’ for everyone.

Stay safe and see you soon!

Your directors.