This is the organizing page for the Fraser River Fuggitivi (FRF), a road riding group that starts from the River Market in New Westminster, BC and is now in its fourth season. Regular rides are finished for 2015 but will resume in spring 2016. Informal rides will take place throughout the winter.

We will have some announcements for the 2016 season coming soon. As well, there will be a new website with all our details. In the interim, see Twitter (@FRFuggitivi) for specific ride details or the Twitter feed below – all ride info (including cancellations) will be on Twitter.

Fuggitivi is the Italian expression for breakaway riders; the translation, perhaps unsurprisingly, is ‘fugitives’. It seemed like an appropriate choice for a name as sometimes escaping one’s other commitments to go for a ride can feel like being a fugitive. Our ‘patron’ is Jo de Roo (a Dutch professional who won Lombardia twice and now uses the trophy as an umbrella stand, and who has also given us the hashtag #WhatWouldJoDo).

Italian rules for the weather

1. If the sky is blue, the ride is on.

2. If the roads are wet, the ride is off (unless rule no.1 applies).

3. If it rains on the way out, we head for a cafe.

4. If it rains (or snows, which has happened) on the way back, we get on the team bus.

5. If there’s no team bus, we toughen up and ride like Belgians.