This is the organizing page for the Fraser River Fuggitivi (FRF), an informal roadie riding group that starts from the River Market in New Westminster, BC and is now in its fourth season. See Twitter (@FRFuggitivi) for specific ride details or the Twitter feed below – all ride info (including cancellations) will be on Twitter. Regular rides are now underway.

The regular schedule is around 3 hours on a Sunday, with a 0830 roll out from Tre Galli cafe in River Market. Around 25 kph easy to moderate pace with routes including variations on Steveston and return, UBC loops, Port Moody/Belcarra, and farther afield such as Fort Langley and the Fraser Valley when we get the chance. The emphasis is on the pleasure of riding, and an excuse to drink espresso (sometimes beer – the official club hashtag is #MoreMilesMoreBeer) and get out and ride with other local roadies. There are some chances for sprints and hill climb suffering if you need them. Sometimes the hammer gets dropped; other times it gets left at home. In 2014 we did 22 rides on Sundays for around 1,800 kilometres (and 13,000 metres of climbing) in total.

Feel free to join us on one of our rides. If you’re unsure if you’ll fit in, come along and find out. This page will be updated from time-to-time as things proceed and arrangements change. Specific ride details and confirmations, or weather and other cancellations, will be advised via Twitter. As for weather, we follow the ‘Italian rules’ (see below). We also have a club on Strava for the GPS equipped (see stats below, although we don’t have everyone on board as the FRF tend to be a bit old school); you can get the details by following on Twitter then tweeting and/or direct messaging.

Questions? Email: guy[at]le-grimpeur[dot]net (the author of the rambling blog posts on the rest of this site that don’t get updated anymore)

Fuggitivi is the Italian expression for breakaway riders; the translation, perhaps unsurprisingly, is ‘fugitives’. It seemed like an appropriate choice for a name as sometimes escaping one’s other commitments to go for a ride can feel like being a fugitive. Our ‘patron’ is Jo de Roo (a Dutch professional who won Lombardia twice and now uses the trophy as an umbrella stand, and who has also given us the hashtag #WhatWouldJoDo).

2015 season calendar & notes

  • The season opener will be the Pacific Populaire on March 29. For those not familiar with this event, it’s a great early season ride put on by BC Randonneurs. It’s cheap, well run, and a great chance to put 100 kms in your legs. This year, the prize for the most ‘Flandrian’ ride was won by Curtis, being the only member to attend the event and ride in the rain and cold.
  • Regular Sunday rides will start April 5 and depart from River Market in New West. Times, routes and details will be via Twitter. There will be an emphasis on climbing this year as we will tackle Mount Baker later in the season (see below), so expect a few more ventures to the North Shore.
  • Tuesday night climbing rides will run in the evening from April 28, starting at 18:30 – Burnaby Mountain and other local delights (Thermal even) with around 90mins of ride time. #MoreClimbingMoreChundering
  • The annual ‘fondo’ (or fondon’t) will be August 23 (with August 30 as an alternate) and climb Mount Baker, with a start in Sumas or closer. It’s recommended that everyone have access to a climbing gear of at least 2.9 metres (see here for what that means), which is a 34×25, 36×26, or 39×28 (anything smaller than this would be a bonus). The annual family-friendly BBQ afterwards will likely be at Curtis’s place again.
  • For those who want some extra climbing in there legs, there will likely be some members riding the Triple Crown for Heart ride on July 18.
  • The annual ‘Bastille Day’ climb of Mt Seymour will take place on July 12 this year. Appropriately themed kit, accessories (i.e. a baguette), or riding style (snarling in the group like the Badger, or insouciant riding off the front like the Professor is encouraged).
  • With the number of boutique breweries opening up recently near our usual ride routes, expect more tasting stop offs on the Sunday rides. #MoreMilesMoreBeer
  • At the AGM we also discussed doing the Grouse Grind as a group on Sundays when the weather is against riding (but conducive to crawling up a mountain side).
  • There will be some #SufferFest rides organized by Pat J that we may be able to tag along for. See Twitter for all the details.
  • There will be more prizes this year, including ‘most flats’, ‘most miles’, something related to beer, and of course the sprint competition during the fondo (which will have a KOM component this year).
  • The team jersey may indeed actually get planned this year for a roll out in 2016 (good things take time), likely involving pitches to local companies for sponsorship. A ‘jersey subcommittee’ will look to start working on this shortly so indicate your interest in being on said committee in the usual way.
  • This year we were saddened by the untimely passing away of one of our founding riders, John Lee, on May 14. He will be missed. Tributes have already been posted here and here. John’s presence was a reminder that how we conduct ourselves on the bike is only a small part of our lives, but is still a reflection of who we are.

Italian rules for the weather

1. If the sky is blue, the ride is on.

2. If the roads are wet, the ride is off (unless rule no.1 applies).

3. If it rains on the way out, we head for a cafe.

4. If it rains (or snows, which has happened) on the way back, we get on the team bus.

5. If there’s no team bus, we toughen up and ride like Belgians.