Urban climbing revisited

The first installment of urban climbing appeared here back in February.

Early start and orange leaves
are damp on the road, Fall bringing
the end of Summer riding and time
for booties and knee warmers and

Traffic is light and my tyres hiss
on the pavement and the city sounds
tired even as my legs feel fresh
for the day.

The route carefully planned and
mapped, but open to change –
dependent on finding more and more

Urban scenes slip past as the the city
recedes from sight but remains always
near despite an even deeper quiet and
solitude of the upturned road.

A gear change, a cadence shift;
standing on the pedals to marvel at
the view – so close to somewhere else,
in my imagination.

The climb too soon over, too fast
on the descent and the return to busy
streets, now filled with weekend
commuters, their destinations unknown
to me.

An all too brief solitude my ride’s
reward, but fresh espresso awaits.
The sun warms, my mood
brightens again, but no bucolic
rural vistas – just the city:

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