For me, France is a country of provincial banality, a land where patriotism flowers only to hide the bloodied earth of revolution, where history was begun at the Bastille by a horde of peasants running amok with pitchforks, decapitating their betters because they were just that. Before the Revolution, the French insist in their clipped accent, with a Gallic shrug of the shoulders meant to disarm contradiction, there was only poverty and aristocracy. Now…the shoulders shrug again and a jutting chin points to the dubious grandeur of France. The truth is they have now a poverty of spirit and an aristocracy of politicians. Italy is different. Italy is romance.

— Signor Farfalla in ‘A Very Private Gentleman’ by Martin Booth.

This year's Milano-Sanremo is March 27

2 thoughts on “Romance

  1. Hahaha !
    I just discovererd ( thanx bigringriding ! ) what will become one of my favorites blog ever , and what a start !……being french my self , with a bit of Italian blood running through my veins :)

    The simple mental images of Capitano Schettino and Cavaliere berlusconi sitting side by side give me a precise idea of what a britton aristo consider as “romance” !

    Just kidding , just kidding , you fully succeded giving me the will to discover mr Booth litterature.

    PS : The ” a la Giro ” rose background is beautifull.

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