A quick note

One is always reluctant to make promises on this blog, to build up reader expectations and then fail to deliver. Shortly, though, your author will be in Copenhagen (on non-cycling business) for a time and so some foreshadowing of posts to come seems appropriate. (There will hopefully be time to investigate the course for the Worlds in Copenhagen, so there will be a little cycling time.)

The pro racing so far this season has been superb, even with team radios in full use (UCI take note). But there are two other issues that this blog will be shortly commenting upon. The first is the broader issue of ‘what is cycling’, particularly with possibly substantial historical doping revelations looming. Some have claimed that it is merely entertainment, but the case can be made that cycling, and sport, is indeed something else – even larger and with wider meaning.

The second issue is the apparent crisis in Italian cycling, not just an absence of wins but a deeper malaise that, unfortunately, again has doping right at its heart. It is hard not to see some parallels between Italy’s cycling fortunes and the state of the entire country, gripped with controversy over its 150-year anniversary of unification. With two major books on the Giro having just been published, it seems timely to look at its trials.

The Badger at the Giro in '85 (Photo: Cycle Sport)

For your author, the slow realization that only four hours per week on the bike does not a training programme make, continues to sink in. But sunnier skies, weekday crit racing, and (hopefully) some better form awaits. In the interim, the Road Holland jersey continues to perform impressively and provides some superb comfort with its traditional cut. Well worth checking out. The jersey features on Bikes, Books and Beers, which also includes some reading recommendations for when you are unable to make it out on the bike and want to keep the passion for cycling burning.

Road Holland (Photo: www.roadholland.com)