About le grimpeur

For your author, cycling is all about climbing. It’s the majesty, the suffering, and the sense of achievement of ascending the mountains. Hence le grimpeur, a collection of writing about climbs, climbing, and climbers.

This blog has been online since 2007 and often explores different ideas about cycling and the linkages between cycling, literature, philosophy, sociology and politics. The opinions expressed are, of course, entirely my own. My regular work is with words so this is a creative outlet. There’s occasionally some provocative ideas to challenge accepted thinking, but with the intention of being thought provoking rather than an out-and-out critique.

The posts on this blog are no longer being updated frequently. After several database errors, random malware, endless comment spam, and the like, it’s hard to be enthusiastic about maintaining these efforts. Old posts will be progressively added to the site as time allows.

Riding for a long time seems to mean a slow evolution into a cycling curmudgeon. At some point, though, we can all agree that we share a passion for the bike. Sometimes we need to worry less about our differences and remember our commonalities – the bike, the suffering, and the joy. Ride!

Problems or issues or comments? Email ‘guy’ at the site address of ‘le-grimpeur.net’.